Uses free wind with frictionless levitating repelling Neodymium magnets to
spin dry clothes, spin a container or create free energy/electricity.

Frictionless Rotating Hanger


1 - A few years ago I thought of a much faster way to dry my jeans inside or outside using wind and not paying the cost of an electric clothes dryer, air conditioner or inside heater.

Using free wind with Neodymium magnets
 I invented.

 US patent # 11,519,551

issue date December 6, 2022.

Abstract reads -
A rotating hanger device includes a tube made of non-magnetic material and a rod supported within the tube via magnetic levitation assembly.

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Neodymium magnets have a life span of 100 years when maintained correctly.

07/19/2024 - A couple of years now using my Frictionless Rotating Hanger and yesterday I was shocked to try something I could have done or mentioned in my patent. 
Amazing is best way to describe it.

04/23/2023 - I counted 10 complete revolutions per minute hanging a 24" by 46" bath towel(narrow side up/down) and 15 complete revolutions per minute hanging a pair of my jeans in front of an under window wall mounted heater.

06/13/2024 - I made a smaller version of above with some changes.

Frictionless Spinning Device


2 - While Frictionless Rotating Hanger application was being examined I thought why not a Continuation-In-Part?

Frictionless Spinning Device levitates and repels Neodymium magnets spinning
brand- name beer, soda, water or like container shapes.

US patent # 11,686,285
issue date June 27, 2023

Abstract reads -
A spinning device includes a blade assembly including a hollow body, and a rod coupled to the hollow body and supported via a magnetic levitation assembly.

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Frictionless Spinning Energy Device


3 - November 2022 I thought to innovate a simple way to create free energy using wind.

No A.I. - Just me

Using the equation, E = mc2. 
E is energy/electricity, m are magnets/Neodymium and c2 is open wind speed in miles per hour squared.

I requested a second Continuation-In-Part  using my previous two Frictionless patents to generate free energy/electricity using free wind.

US patent # 11,939,963
issue date 03-26-2024

Abstract reads -
A spinning device comprising a blade assembly includes a hollow body, and a rod coupled to the hollow body and supported via a magnetic levitation assembly is configured to generate energy.

Updates -
06/09/2024 - I have three additional Frictionless Energy USPTO patent pending provisional applications.

05/10/2024 - Some US states or countries in 2025 will begin to charge those using electricity for their business, EV, farm or home a monthly electricity tax fee.  My US patent generates free electricity however in 2027 there could be a wind use fee!

04/21/2024 - More good news from USPTO.

03/27/2024 - Hail cripples massive solar farm.